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11 Healthy Takeout Options for Guilt-Free Dining

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Stop and put down that whopper! Did you know that a Double Whopper from Burger King has about 923 calories? If you add a soda and fries with that it’ll be about 1,500 calories. 

Sometimes, you want something quick, and easy to skip cooking. But you also don’t want something unhealthy. 

What are your options? The good news is that there are healthy takeout options at many locations. Read this guide on how to find healthy takeout and eat safer today!

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1. Go For the Grain

When it comes to healthy and delicious eating such as Wiseguy pizza delivery, you can choose from different pizza options. Another option is to go with Mexican or Asian cuisine. 

For the best healthy takeout, choose brown instead of white rice. Instead of white noodles, you can choose shirataki noodles. Instead of white noodles, you could see if they could be substituted with brown rice.

At Italian restaurants, you could go with zucchini noodles or whole wheat pasta. Some even have whole-wheat pizza crusts as well. For locations that don’t have that, go with a thin-crust pizza for the best healthy takeout meal option.

2. Eat Your Veggies

Consider a lettuce wrap instead of a traditional bun. If they don’t do that, you could ask them for a couple of pieces of romaine lettuce. 

Instead of starchy sides, go with a vegetable. Avoid condiments whenever possible and consider salsa instead. The cauliflower pizza crust is an easy way to sneak in more veggies. 

3. Say No To Fried Foods

You can still have cheap healthy takeout even if you avoid fried food. Instead, go with grilled, steamed, roasted, or baked. 

Go with a baked potato instead of fries. Ditch the deep-fried spring roll and go with a summer roll. 

4. Watch Your Portions

It’s easy to lose track of portions since restaurants give such large portions! If you aren’t sure, take a look at the nutrition facts around your home. That whole wheat bread is a serving size of only 1 slice. 

Many Americans don’t get enough veggies in their diet. They might instead be eating more grains. In order to avoid this, incorporate a veggie with every meal, even takeout. 

5. Go For Balanced

No matter what diet you follow, keep it balanced. Choose healthy fats, lean protein, and load up on veggies. 

Ditch the white potato and go with butternut squash or sweet potatoes. They’re packed with nutrients that you need to survive. 

6. Healthy Diner Food

Diners are great since they have a variety of dishes and options to choose from at a great price. Choose an omelet that has plenty of veggies. If you’re at home, consider placing salsa on your omelet for a healthy but tasty meal. 

7. Mediterranean Food

Italian food isn’t just pasta and pizza, quite the contrary! In Italy, they’re eating their fruit, veggies, and lean protein. 

Whether or not you’re going for Italian, Greek, or another Mediterranean option, choose whole-grain pitas. Lean proteins can include fish or chicken kebabs with a side of brown rice. 

8. Indian Food

In order to reduce the calories in Indian food, opt for their vegetarian dishes. Avoid filling up on white rice and naan bread. 

Avoid pakora and onion bhaji. Instead of deep-frying them, find options that are baked in the oven. Whole grain rice is a better option than white rice as well. 

Saag aloo and paneer dishes are spinach-based which are healthier options. That’s a great way to increase nutritional content such as magnesium, iron, and folate. 

9. Fast Food

Ditch that traditional bun and go for a lettuce bun. Skip add-ons such as bacon and cheese.

Bean burgers might be a healthier option as well. Opt for a salad instead of fries.

10. Burritos

While much of the content of a burrito is healthy, it’s the add-ons that can add up fast! Go easy on the cheese and sour cream in order to make it healthier. Consider salsa instead if you need an add-on.

Go for beans and veggies instead of meats. Consider sharing a large burrito with your family in order to reduce your overall calorie intake. Some places will have bowls instead of burritos which could help you decrease the calories that you eat. 

11. Sushi

Don’t be fooled and think that all sushi is healthy because it isn’t. The great part about sushi is that it can be healthy and fish is filled with numerous nutrients. 

Go easy on the soy sauce as well since it can add up to your salt content. Keep in mind that sushi could cause problems such as environmental concerns, heavy metals, and parasites. If you have a weakened immune system or are pregnant, it’s best to avoid this. 

Instead, have sushi as a healthy side in a smaller portion. Your main dish can be a cooked lean protein such as fish with a side of veggies.

Remember that rice in sushi can become unhealthy fast. Consider going without rice or with brown rice.

Some places will use seaweed wraps instead. Avoid the rolls that come with sauces on them or fried food. Sashimi is also a healthier option.

Exploring Different Healthy Takeout Options

After exploring this guide, you should have a better idea of what to expect when it comes to healthy takeout options. Take your time deciding what’s the best option for you.

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