Food Services on a Vehicle

The industry of food service provision in a distant area is called Catering. Catering may be in different forms provided that there is the essence of serving food to customers. One interesting type of catering is Mobile Catering where food is sold and served from inside a car or vehicle. […]

The 2010 Food Pyramid

The new 2010 food pyramid that was recently released by the United States Department of Agriculture makes a lot of sense. Unlike previous food pyramids, it is much more user friendly and easier to understand. The graphics for the old pyramid were viewed as a hierarchy chart whereas the new […]

Another Peasant Italian Dish – For Kings

Another Peasant Dish That Will Leave You Begging for More My grandmother passed down an incredible dish that is very popular in Italian Restaurants. Because of interpretation or taste, it is also destroyed by them most of the time. The dish is called Pannacotta, but it’s not the dessert. Pronunciation: […]

Chunky Italian Pasta Sauce

Chunky Italian pasta sauce, a great sauce to add to any kind of pasta you wish to eat. This is a simple way to delight your taste buds with a sensational sauce for pasta. The sauce should be ready in 30-35 minutes. How to make chunky Italian Pasta sauce Ingredients: […]

What Wise Guys Eat

Barbara F. Watson

When I lived in the North End of Boston, in the nineteen eighties and nineties, I hung around a neighborhood bar from time to time, called The Corner Café. It was located on Prince Street near the corner of Salem Street. And it was indeed a neighborhood place. The owner, […]