What are we eating out of the freezer today?

15 freezer friendly foods

Who doesn’t recognize it? You come home from a busy day at work, or you’ve been busy at home all day and then you still have to cook. Often you don’t feel like putting all your pans on the stove and making a three-course meal, especially if it’s for more than just yourself. When you get to this point, you are very happy with your freezer. You walk slowly in that direction and see if there is anything left in the freezer. And yes, delicious frozen snacks that you just need to pop into the microwave or oven. That way you have dinner prepared in no time, without spending hours in the kitchen. What kind of snacks can you choose from?

History of froze snacks 

Everyone knows what a freezer is. You can freeze products there that you can eat at a later time. For example, think of ice cream, ice cubes and snacks. The freezer comes from the 1930s, and is a successor to the fridge. You can set the freezer colder than a fridge, so to speak, and therein lies the difference. Frozen snacks last longer than products you put in the fridge. That’s why people started putting products in the freezer. For example, you can now leave a pizza in the freezer for months, instead of having to eat it in two days.

Fill the entire freezer

The advantage of a freezer is that you can store a lot in it that doesn’t need to be used right away. So you can walk into a store and take everything on sale, but you don’t have to use it up within two days. So that means you can get all kinds of ice cream and get through the whole summer with this, if you can, of course you can always restock if you are a true ice cream lover! Of course, this doesn’t just apply to ice cream, you can also store bread in the freezer, so it won’t immediately become dry if you don’t finish it within two days. Wondering what else you can stock up on for your freezer? Then take a look at www.dutchexpatshop.com/en/!

More free time with a freezer
Now that you start thinking about it, you can also get more free time with a freezer. For example, have you ever thought about freezing your dinner? You could cook for the whole week on Monday then. Because you can take your dinner out of the freezer the rest of the evenings. It’s not like you have to eat the same thing every night, but you can choose to make three different meals, so that you can eat them later in the week, you don’t have to cook in the evening, and you still have variety. In addition, you then also have to do less shopping, because you already have everything for dinner. So a win-win situation!Dutch Expat Shop
Does reading this blog make you feel like stuffing your freezer too? Then take a quick look at Dutch Expat Shop and fill it up!

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