Most Popular International Foods among Norwegians

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Globalization has impacted contemporary Norwegian cuisine, inspired by its historical roots, and has staple foods like meatballs and cod alongside pasta, pizza, and tacos. 

The Norwegians have a wide range of culinary preferences. Pizza, spaghetti, and tacos are among the most common choices for dinner on a weeknight. Burger King and McDonald’s are two of the most well-known fast food chains and have become the primary source of fast food in Norway. They save traditional Norwegian dishes for special occasions like Christmas and holidays. Reviews in Norway show that most Norwegians enjoy American food in Norway.

Popular International Foods among Norwegians

Many fast-food restaurants in Norway focus on burgers and sandwiches because these items are widely consumed. Below are the top favorite International foods that you can check out. But I would also suggest you to check online store reviews in Norway and see which ones are the best.

1. Pizza

Pizza originated in Italy, but Italy only consumes a little. Norway is far up in Northwestern Europe. This country consumes the most pizza annually.  This tiny nation of 5.5 million eats about 11 lbs. of pizza annually per person. Grandiosa is the best-selling frozen pizza.

2. Hamburgers/Burgers

Burgers are a Norwegian favorite. The simple hamburger is one of the world’s tastiest creations; juicy, meaty, and reliable, the burgers in Norway are some of the best in Europe.

Norwegians love burgers of all kinds, from monstrous burgers with many toppings to street vendors making simple patties to fine dining restaurants serving gourmet burgers.

3. French Toast/French Croissant

French toasts are a staple of Norwegian mornings. Weekend mornings are reserved for special breakfasts, and french toast and croissants are always on the menu. Waking up to french toast is always a sign that the morning will be extra special for kids.

4. Pasta/Chinese 

Easy to prepare and tasty, pasta and other Chinese food have gained popularity in Norway for the same reasons it has around the world. The younger generation and college students love this dish. However, today pasta is prevalent everywhere in society, and it is served with a wide variety of toppings.

5. Lasagna

Bologna is the birthplace of this classic Lasagna dish, which also happens to be the cradle of the pasta itself. Not only does it have connections to Italy, but it is also very well-liked in Norway. The lasagna dish consists of alternating layers of wide and flat pasta and several other components, such as sauce, vegetables, and cheese. The proliferation of fast-food restaurants in Norway is mainly responsible for the country’s rising stardom.


The fact behind the popularity of these international foods among Norwegians is they are simple to prepare and inexpensive. Moreover, eating them requires less effort and time. As a result, they are becoming increasingly fashionable. Even if you purchase from a fast food chain, the food will not strain your finances. Norway’s exceptional quality of life, fashion, education, and employment prospects draw people from around the globe. People from many regions visit Norway and bring their regional cuisines, allowing Norwegians to sample meals from around the world.

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