Yelp Community Reveals Canada’s Top 100 Places to Eat in 2021

Connecting people with great local businesses is what we do best, so for this year’s Top 100 list we asked our Yelp community to help us create a list that includes unique and highly admired restaurants across Canada. For the first time ever, this year’s Top 100 Places to Eat in Canada list is the culmination of thousands of suggestions we received from the Yelp community, a list of hidden gems and familiar favorites that can put a smile on anyone’s face! Toronto remains a top foodie destination with 27 eateries making the list, and claiming 6 of the top 10 spots. In Montreal, they have a total of 15 restaurants on the list and over on the west coast, Vancouver has 23 notable restaurants this year.

Photo by Damas in Montreal, QC

Our sixth annual list showcases some of the most beloved eateries across Canada. Bringing Syrian flavor to the heart of Montreal, Damas is this year’s no. 1 pick. (some Yelpers say their hummus is the best they’ve ever eaten!) This year’s list finds five-star eateries like Barretto Cafe (no. 3) and Lamajoun (no. 17), making their debut on Yelp’s Top 100. Returning favorites include Manoush’eh (no. 2) and Tom Sushi (no. 11). Whether you’re looking for a fine dining experience or a grab-and-go vegan deli sandwich, there’s something for every taste and budget on the list.

Did we miss one of your favorite eateries? Share your thoughts on the list on social media using #YelpTop100 and tell us what you think. Remember, we only know how good a spot is if people take the time to review it, so share your thoughts on Yelp, and maybe your favorites will be on next year’s list. Don’t forget to check out the community’s picks for this year’s top places to eat in the United States!

(Left, top to bottom: #20 Sorocco in Montreal, QC; #3 Baretto Caffe in Toronto, ON
Right, top to bottom: #4 The Rimrock Cafe in Whistler, BC; #24 Fishhook in Victoria, BC)

Canada’s Top 100 Places to Eat in 2021

  1. Damas – Montréal, QC
  2. Manoush’eh – Vancouver, BC
  3. Baretto Caffe – Toronto, ON
  4. The Rimrock Cafe – Whistler, BC
  5. Zeal Burgers – Toronto, ON
  6. Charlotte’s Homemade Goodies – Mississauga, ON
  7. Southeast Sandwiches – Woodbridge, ON
  8. Incognito Coffee – Vancouver, BC
  9. Muncheez – North York, ON
  10. Number e food – Vancouver, BC
  11. Tom Sushi – Vancouver, BC
  12. New Orleans Seafood & Steakhouse – Toronto, ON
  13. Shirley Delicious Cafe – Shirley, BC
  14. Bouillon Bilk – Montréal, QC
  15. The Himalayan – Calgary, AB
  16. Banh Mi Bar Restaurant – New Westminster, BC
  17. Lamajoun – Richmond, BC
  18. Parsi Sandwiches, Burgers, and Kabobs – Thornhill, ON
  19. Smithe Salad – Vancouver, BC
  20. Sorocco – Montréal, QC
  21. L’atelier Patisserie – Vancouver, BC
  22. Weinkeller – Niagara Falls, ON
  23. Île Flottante – Montréal, QC
  24. Fishhook – Victoria, BC
  25. Pawans Indian Kitchen – North Vancouver, BC
  26. Peaked Pies – Whistler, BC
  27. The Northern Cafe and Grill – Vancouver, BC
  28. The Diner House 29 – St. Catharines, ON
  29. Tide and Vine Oyster House – Niagara Falls, ON
  30. Le Club Chasse et Pêche – Montréal, QC
  31. Her Father’s Cider Bar & Kitchen – Toronto, ON
  32. Ten Foot Henry – Calgary, AB
  33. Veggie D’Light – Toronto, ON
  34. Saha Eatery – Squamish, BC
  35. Workshop Vegetarian Cafe – North Vancouver, BC
  36. L’Affaire Est Ketchup – Québec, QC
  37. Taste of Naples Pizzeria – Vaughan, ON
  38. Yasu – Toronto, ON
  39. Hibachi Grill – Pickering, ON
  40. Le Saint-Amour – Québec, QC
  41. Jordan’s Shawarma – Thornhill, ON
  42. Alo Restaurant – Toronto, ON
  43. Hot & Toasty Cafe – Langley, BC
  44. Jam Cafe – Victoria, BC
  45. Battista’s Calzone – Edmonton, AB
  46. Anar Persian Cuisine – Richmond, BC
  47. Monigram Coffee Roasters – Cambridge, ON
  48. Mystic Muffin – Toronto, ON
  49. Italian Centre Shop – Edmonton, AB
  50. La Finca – Montréal, QC
  51. Ma Poule Mouillée – Montréal, QC
  52. Longview Steakhouse – Longview, AB
  53. Chip+Malt – Newmarket, ON
  54. BEClub Bistro-Bar – Ville de Québec, QC
  55. Scaramouche Restaurant Pasta Bar & Grill – Toronto, ON
  56. The Red Door Bistro – Whistler, BC
  57. AnnaLena – Vancouver, BC
  58. Mamajoun Armenian Pizzeria – Toronto, ON
  59. Absinthe Bistro – Vancouver, BC
  60. Vincenzo’s – Waterloo, ON
  61. Couleur Café – Mont-Tremblant, QC
  62. Stella Luna Gelato Cafe – Ottawa, ON
  63. Saint Sushi Plateau – Montréal, QC
  64. OEB Breakfast – Calgary, AB
  65. Madras Cafe – Calgary, AB
  66. The Pokéman – Vancouver, BC
  67. Gus – Montréal, QC
  68. ZCREW Cafe – Calgary, AB
  69. El Nahual Tacos – Toronto, ON
  70. Fat Ninja Bite – Toronto, ON
  71. L’Avenue – Montréal, QC
  72. Momo Hut & Gardens – Toronto, ON
  73. The Bedouins – Edmonton, AB
  74. COO Café Bread or Rice – Toronto, ON
  75. Veg-In YYC – Calgary, AB
  76. Little Yunnan Restaurant – Victoria, BC
  77. Alumni Sandwich & Liquor Bar – Calgary, AB
  78. Big Catch Sushi – Calgary, AB
  79. La Pizzaio – Québec, QC
  80. Ancila’s Indian Cuisine – Mississauga, ON
  81. Padmanadi Vegetarian Restaurant – Edmonton, AB
  82. Corner Nook Cafe – Chilliwack, BC
  83. A-Game Cafe – Toronto, ON
  84. Le Passé Composé – Montréal, QC
  85. Tavola – Vancouver, BC
  86. Falafel St-Jacques – Lachine, QC
  87. Régine Café – Montréal, QC
  88. Mio Stone Grill & Sushi – Airdrie, AB
  89. An Chay – Edmonton, AB
  90. Wild Thyme – New Westminster, BC
  91. Bistro Sous le Fort – Québec, QC
  92. Jo’s Place – Pender Island, BC
  93. Il Terrazzo Ristorante – Victoria, BC
  94. Rick’s Good Eats – Mississauga, ON
  95. Richmond Station – Toronto, ON
  96. Bocata – Montréal, QC
  97. Oui Mais Non – Montréal, QC
  98. Sushi Jin – Vancouver, BC
  99. One2 Snacks – Toronto, ON
  100. Hathaway’s Diner – Edmonton, AB


To determine Yelp’s Top Places to Eat in Canada in 2021, Yelp reached out to the user community first, requesting individuals to submit restaurants that they can’t wait to return to in 2021 in Canada. Yelp’s data science team analyzed the submissions from the community to determine the top restaurants by ratings, number of reviews, and volume of submissions, with geographic representation based on equal share of submissions of top-rated restaurants across Canada. Yelp further curated the list with the expertise of our Community Managers around the country to finalize the rankings. The resulting list is collaborative and passion driven – an accurate reflection of Yelp Community itself.

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