What is the Most Popular Cocktail in a Mexican Restaurant?

The drink of choice for many a sophisticated palate in the world is a Mexican cocktail. There are various styles of cocktails served in Mexican restaurants, and they vary by region. People have seen them as far south as Houston as to the north as Chicago. But most people’s favorite drink is the classic Manhattan, and they have been enjoying it for many years now.

The reason people like this cocktail so much is because it has the right amount of spiciness, complexity, and alcohol to make it so delightfully interesting. It has a touch of the old-style Manhattan but also adds the right amount of garnish. It also works well in a Mexican place and can be ordered with many items depending on your personal preference. Here are a few facts I want to share with you about these drinks.

Rustic and Natural

In the United States, the drink has only recently started to gain popularity. This is because Mexican cuisine is much more rustic and natural, which doesn’t lend itself to high alcohol content like the American culinary variety is. Another reason is that Mexican bartenders do not serve their beverages over ice; this causes their beverage to retain more of its original flavor. Many Americans are learning to appreciate this fact and are enjoying the beverage more as a result.

If you want to get an idea of the most popular cocktail in Mexico but going there is not an option, you can visit El Rincon. This restaurant serves up one of the most popular Mexican cocktails in Carrollton

Mexican version of a Martini

It’s easy to see why so many people love the Mexican version of a Martini. The combination of tomato juice and basil works well, as does the spicy chili peppers. When it’s served in the city of Cancun, it’s served with tortilla chips on the side. In Mexico City, it’s served with real cream and lime juice.

When you visit a restaurant, ask the management about their most popular cocktail. This is not an invitation to argue, but simply an observation that will help you better understand the people who work there. If a bar is consistently busy, people are likely enjoying their beverages a lot. On the other hand, if the place is less busy, it may be because customers do not frequent the establishment as often. Keep your eyes open for establishments that are getting a lot of attention, because they tend to be a lot more fun to be at.

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