TikToker shares flour hack that left some viewers ‘traumatized’


TikToker Melissa Rose (@designeatrepeat) is a food items blogger who commonly posts uncomplicated and exceptional dessert recipes “for the butter-loving baker”. TikToker Melissa Rose (@designeatrepeat) is a meals blogger who routinely posts simple and exceptional dessert recipes “for the butter-loving baker”. Recently Rose shared a video clip the place she explains how bugs can get in flour, and what you can do to continue to keep them out. while viewers discovered the brilliant hack to be useful, it also left them sensation a bit unnerved. while viewers identified the excellent hack to be handy, it also left them feeling a little bit unnerved. “You know that there are these tiny bugs that are captivated to flour,” Rose mentions at the commencing of the clip. the footage showed her sifting as a result of flour to show viewers the weevil bug lying at the bottom of the bag. Rose explains that weevils “will lay their eggs in that glue strip” at the opening of the bag of flour. Rose recommends storing flour in an air-restricted container, alternatively than in the bag. In the opinions segment, Rose goes into more depth, indicating that the weevils are often previously in the bag when you obtain the flour. In the feedback portion, Rose goes into additional depth, stating that the weevils are frequently presently in the bag when you acquire the flour. “The container assists continue to keep them from having in or out, so at the very least they continue to be constrained [because] they can also arrive from other solutions (rice, pasta, etc.) and then get in open bags of flour,” she states. Viewers identified the flour trick each helpful and distressing, with lots of unaware of the existence of this sort of bugs. “Also, the purpose why you must constantly sift your flour,” a person viewer suggested

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