Questions You Should Ask While Hiring a Party Catering Services

Barbara F. Watson

Planning for a party is joyous and interesting but simultaneously it is a big responsibility. Right from the invitation cards to the food, it is actually a big responsibility. Everything is okay and can be managed somehow but bad food is something that can make spoil your complete party. It is a general tradition that people judge a party with the variety of food available. If things like music or something is boring, guests will cooperate but if the food is not good they won’t and you will be given a tag of a messy party organizer. Hence it is always advised to clear your doubts before you hire any Party Catering Service.

Let us have a look at the questions that are necessary to be asked:

Question 1: What type of food do they offer?

Ask them about the variety of the food they serve. Do not say yes if the party catering service says that they only serve a particular type of food. Ask them for variety like Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Indian or any other choice you are looking for.

Question 2: Ask about their total experience

Ask them about how long have they been working in the same field. This is important to ask as by this you will get to know how many successful parties had they organized till date. Also you can ask them about their clients and can confirm their services from them.

Question 3: Does their services have any hygiene certificate for their food?

Make sure to ask them if they carry any hygiene certificate for assuring the quality of the food they serve. It is important to check for the hygiene certificate as what will you do if they are not using quality ingredients. It will become a major problem if someone’s health gets affected.

Question 4: Ask them how many guests they can serve well?

The services you are going to hire should be able to cater a large number of guests. It is the duty of Party catering Service providers to cater maximum number of guests in an organized way. But still to be on the safer side confirm your doubts that facing problems at the party.

Question 5: Can I taste the food should be your next question

Do not forget to taste the food. Every chef has their own style of preparation. Only after tasting the food you can decide if you want to hire their services or not.

Question 6: Ask them how much time they will take to set up and complete

Make sure to ask them how much time they will take for setting up their reception and completing the whole task. Whatever time frame they give make sure that it suits with your timings.

Question 7: Ask them if they can provide Kids friendly food?

Catering parties serve lots of variety when it comes to food. They provide you food but they also offer kids friendly meals. So do ask them as there will be kids in your party.

If you have 100 things to do for the party, then also food is the thing that occupies the first place. Your party would be a mere waste if you failed to serve good quality food to your guests. So it is very critical to ask these questions before you hire any catering services.

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