Choosing Healthy Food For Your Dog

A common dilemma among dog owners is choosing the healthiest and most suitable food for their doggies. There are a lot of dog foods sold in the market and dog owners are having a hard time choosing the best for their dog. Dog owners are confused whether they should buy […]

Can Fast-Food really be Healthy Food?

We all lead busy lives and finding the time to eat properly can often be a challenge. Can visiting a fast-food restaurant be a healthy choice when looking for a nutritious, hearty meal? You may be juggling taking the kids to school, working an eight-hour day, taking the kids to […]

Is Your Drink Making You Fat?

Is the drink in your hand contributing to the bulge around your middle? Sorry to say, but your favorite wine is definitely doing just that. Any glass of wine contains an equal amount of calories a small chunk of chocolate does, and one pint of larger matches the calories in […]

Magic of Mesquite

The Tree of Life: The mesquite is a tree or bush that grows in desert regions throughout the world, areas not suitable for most agriculture. On 25% of our planet species of mesquite can be found growing without any assistance from fertilizers, pesticides, irrigation or capitalization. This is not surprising […]

Innovations in Speaking Directly to the Wine Lover

Creativity is not innovation and vice versa. Creativity, according to, is recognized as fresh ideas and innovations are about implementation of creative advancements. The thought is, being creative has no basic risk (in most endeavors) and innovations have measurable risks; innovation is about better and smarter. Maybe the wine […]