Most Popular Danish Recipes That You Can Cook with Air Fryers


Air fryers are small countertop convection ovens that cook (not fry) certain types of food using hot air. An air fryer can be used to prepare some great Danish recipes as well. And you are in the right place to know the most well-known recipes in Denmark that can be cooked with the appliance. I described five of them in this article briefly in this article, so you can do further research on how to properly air fry them.

Getting a good air fryer is important (if you do not already have one). Knowing how to utilize it properly will determine how well the food will turn out. Read Danish reviews for air fryers while shopping, so you can make an informed decision.

Now, let us start the list of popular mouth-watering Danish recipes. It will be a good idea to air fry the following foods as a resident, tourist, or student in Denmark:

  • Frikadeller

Frikadeller is also referred to as Danish meatballs. The preparation of this food involves simple steps with the main ingredient being a ground beef and pork combo or just pork alone. But using only pork as the main ingredient will yield a better taste.

The balls can be large or small. It will be quicker to make large meatballs than small ones, so you can opt for the latter if you have the time. But small sizes are the best for air frying conditions. Besides, you will get to enjoy more of the tasty crispy crust with many small meatballs. 

Season the balls with salt, pepper, onions, garlic, nutmeg, and/or sage. Although the onions must be treated as the major ingredient for taste. Chop or grate the onions depending on your preference. Use some half-and-half to coat the meatballs or just milk to make the texture of the meatballs a little bit sticky. The coating also helps to preserve their shapes when cooking in the air fryer.

`Frikadeller can be served with a creamy sauce, bread, toast, rødkål, and/or Danish brunede kartofler. I will describe the recipe for brunede kartofler and rødkål in subsequent subheadings.

  • Danish Brunede Kartofler

The idea of Danish brunede kartofler or caramelized brown potatoes might come off as a strange type of meal if you have not eaten it before. But rest assured that it can feel so right in the mouth, especially when served with foods like rødkål, frikadeller, etc. Just make sure to follow the proper steps to prepare it. Tourists in Denmark should put brunede kartofler on the itinerary!

Caramelized brown potatoes can easily be prepared using canned or new potatoes. You can use sweet potatoes, but new potatoes are better, especially for cooking in an air fryer. New potatoes maintain their shape after being cooked.

Boil the potatoes until they are tender enough before applying the butter and melted sugar mixture to them. You can now cook the potatoes using the appropriate air frying procedure. Note that the butter and sugar can be melted together in the pan, instead of melting the sugar and mixing it with the butter after.

  • Rødkål

This is a popular side dish in Europe that is red and very easy to prepare. You can put refrigerated rødkål or Danish red cabbage straight into an air fryer to cook. Enjoy it in shredded pieces and serve it as a side dish with frikadeller or pork. Another approach involves pickling it. Danish red cabbage bears similarities to sauerkraut, but with a sweeter taste.

Other notable recipes are Danish breaded pork patties (karbonader), Danish roast pork with crackling (flæskesteg), etc. The good thing about the recipes described above is that they can be prepared with a small number of ingredients and a few processed items.

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