Is Your Drink Making You Fat?

Barbara F. Watson

Is the drink in your hand contributing to the bulge around your middle? Sorry to say, but your favorite wine is definitely doing just that. Any glass of wine contains an equal amount of calories a small chunk of chocolate does, and one pint of larger matches the calories in a pack of salty crisps.

Selling you a drink in a restaurant, bar or club is a part of UK businesses. Almost every food business has alcohol beverages on the menu because an average UK resident consumes over 2000 kcal through alcohol every single month!

The statistics are astounding, having a drink five times a week will provide the drinker with as many as 44,200 kcal over a period of one year – now that’s equal to downing 221 doughnuts! As if drinking were not enough think about the snacks that go along with the beverage! These could be anything on the menu – pork products, salted nuts, finger chips, fish – you name it.

Most drinkers know that a session of heavy drinking will almost always lead to a sumptuous breakfast the next morning. But what has drinking got to do with the calories put on by gorging at breakfast? Dealing with hangovers, that’s what. Most people eat their hangovers away. Choosing fried food in place of the usual bowl of cereal adds as many as 450 kcal to the total number of calories collected the night before.

Many UK businesses work with the Department of Health to conduct health surveys to monitor general public health and wellbeing. The reports are alarming. The National Health Service advises that regular drinkers will not only have to fight the battle of the bulge in a short time but will also suffer many health issues – most of them serious.

A majority of women are blissfully unaware that just a drink or two of regular wine will make them overshoot their daily calorie limit and can account for close to 20 percent (estimated to be 370 kcal) of the number of daily calories recommended by health experts.

Many individuals will flinch at the very idea of consuming a glass full of cream. Yet these same people will not give a second thought to drinking two pints – containing the same number of calories. Either they are confused, ignorant, or don’t really care about counting calories – until they begin to suspect that the toilet scales may be broken! But they still won’t blame it on the drink.

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