How is Stone Ground Flour Healthier?

How is Stone Ground Flour healthier? | FarmDidi

Stone ground flour is a healthier alternative to traditionally milled flour because it contains more of the grain’s natural nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. The whole process of stone grinding preserves more of the germ and bran from the grains packed with fiber, antioxidants, B vitamins, iron, and other essential minerals than traditional milling does. As a result, stone ground flour offers more nutrition and can be digested more easily by the body. 

Additionally, because of its low-temperature process, stone ground flour retains more flavor than other types of flour, making it an ideal choice for baking. Stone ground flour is also free from preservatives or additives, which are generally added to different types of flour. All in all, stone ground flour is a healthier and more nutritious alternative than conventionally milled flour. 

How to store stone ground flour?

Stone ground flour should be stored in an airtight container in a cool, dry place. Keeping the flour dry and away from sunlight will help it maintain its quality and nutrition for longer. You may also keep stone ground flour in the freezer to preserve it further. This can help prevent insect infestations or other problems due to moisture or heat. 

Is stone ground flour good for people with diabetes?

Stone Ground Flour is a good choice for people with diabetes because it has a low glycemic index. This means that the carbohydrates in stone ground flour will be digested and absorbed more slowly into the bloodstream than other grains. Slower digestion can help regulate blood sugar levels which is important for people with diabetes. 

Different uses of stone ground flour

  • Stone ground flour can be used for baking

Baking with stone ground flour will not only yield more flavorful bread, but it can also result in a smoother texture. All you need to do is adjust the recipe to accommodate the lower gluten content of stone ground flour. The adjustment can include adding a tablespoon of vital wheat gluten and reducing the liquid in the recipe.

  • Stone ground flour can be used for pizza dough

Pizza dough made with stone ground flour can have a unique texture and flavor. Stone ground flour will require a longer rise time for the dough, so allow for more proofing time than you would normally use for other types of pizza dough. After allowing it to rise, you’ll find that the resulting crust is chewier and slightly nuttier.

  • Stone ground flour can be used for pancakes and waffles

Breakfast favorites like pancakes and waffles can benefit from the nutty flavor of stone ground flour. Adding some chilled butter or oil to the batter will also help give the pancakes or waffles a richer texture. Adding buttermilk is especially recommended when using stone ground flour in pancakes or waffles. 

5- Stone ground flour can be used for biscuits and scones

Stone ground flour adds a rich flavor and texture to biscuits and scones. It also helps make for a fluffier biscuit or scone when reducing the recipe’s liquid. Additionally, adding some sugar can help balance out the slight nuttiness of stone ground flour. 


Stone ground flour is a great way to add flavor and nutrition to your baking. Its various uses make it an ideal choice for all of your baking needs. 

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