Chorizo and Poblano Quesadillas ⋆ 100 Days of Real Food

Barbara F. Watson

These quesadillas are both bursting with taste AND effortless to make! Great for chaotic weeknights, this is a Mexican dish the total family members will really like.

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If you like flavor then I’ve received you covered! Quesadillas are tremendous easy to make, and I enjoy this tasty variation. The leftovers are even excellent chilly or warm and would beat a boring sandwich for lunch any working day. Serve with a facet of watermelon or cantaloupe, and this easy weeknight dinner is prepared in no time!

How Do You Get Quesadillas to Stick Collectively?

The mystery trick is including cheese underneath and on top of the filling so the tortillas have one thing to adhere to!

What Is the Best Cheese to Incorporate to Quesadillas?

For this recipe, I use a mixture of Monterey Jack cheese and Queso Fresco, or all Jack (it won’t stick alongside one another as perfectly with only Queso Fresco). You want to use cheese that will give you a great “stretch” when melted. You can also use cheddar, far too.

Quesadilla Ingredients

  • Olive oil – I endorse finding an organic additional-virgin olive oil
  • Onion – thinly sliced
  • Poblano pepper – cored, seeded, and thinly sliced
  • Crimson pepper – cored, seeded, and thinly sliced
  • Jalapeno – cored, seeded, and diced
  • Chorizo sausage –raw ground (or back links with casings taken off)
  • Corn tortillas – I propose creating home made
  • Cheese – possibly a combination of Monterey Jack and Queso Fresco, or all Jack (it won’t stick together as well with only Queso Fresco)
  • Butter – for frying the quesadillas

How Do I Make Quesadillas?

Quesadillas are so uncomplicated to make! 1st cook your veggies and meat in a skillet above medium heat.

Chorizo and peppers cooking on a skillet.
Cooking the chorizo sausage, peppers, and onions

Then spot the tortilla in the similar skillet and best with cheese, the meat/pepper combination, and a tiny additional cheese, then include a 2nd tortilla on leading with a minor pat of butter on major of that (for when you flip it more than), and fry until eventually the cheese starts off to melt. Flip in excess of and prepare dinner until finally the cheese melts on the other facet and tortilla starts to brown.

Two toritllas on a skillet with chorizo, peppers, and cheese, about to turn into a quesadilla.
Pan frying quesadillas to melt the cheese

What Side Dish to Provide with Quesadillas?

Given that these Chorizo and Poblano Quesadillas are so flavorful and hearty, I recommend serving them with just a aspect of refreshing fruit. Even so, you can go all out with any of the following for a whole Mexican-encouraged meal:

Other Quesadilla Recipes You Could Take pleasure in

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