Caribbean Food Safari

Barbara F. Watson

Alongside the coasts of Caribbean islands, there are hundreds of fine-dining restaurants and food choices that make a great meal for your lunch or dinner. You’ll be truly elated to explore and enjoy the exceptional tang of some of the international food items here. These are cooked and served with a Caribbean tinge in some of the finest restaurants in the region. The islands, like Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Trinidad, Barbados, St. Lucia, Bahamas, etc. are those that offer extraordinary dining options.

The people in the Caribbean region have a great passion for eating as well as cooking. Every island of the Caribbean group has something exclusive to serve in its food that catches the attention of tourists from all around the world. The most common ingredients that are used in the dishes include rice, beans, plantains, cassava, bell peppers, cilantro, chick peas, sweet potatoes, coconut, tomatoes and the locally available meat (beef, pork, poultry, or fish) and curries. The food recipes that make you really fall in love with the Caribbean food include Jamaican grilled fish, jerk chicken with rice and curries, black beans and rice, slow-roasted pork shoulder, oxtail stew, sweet plantains and many other delectable food items to carry you away.

Most of the recipes, especially those of dessert dishes have a mixed origin. The black cake is very popular here being a derivative of English Christmas pudding. The national dish of Antigua and Barbuda is fungie and pepper pot. The Jamaican cuisine is a mixture of various spices, flavors, techniques and diverse cultures reflecting in it. It has an influence of African, British, Indian, Chinese, French cuisine. Food in Puerto Rico has its roots in traditional cooking practices that are deeply influenced by the food traditions of Hispanic races, European, and American-Indian ethnic groups.

To enjoy the eating delights of the Caribbean islands you can choose any of the various tourist destinations here, and spend these holidays pampering your foodie belly with some of the most scrumptious victuals. If you are a connoisseur of food there are some unparalleled holiday resorts and hotels that take special care for your palate. Some of the prominent and stylish restaurants, with elegant bistros and ritzy eateries that you’ll find in those islands are Banana Walk and La Bella Vita at the Sunset Beach Resort, Grand Palladium’s The Blue Lagoon and Mo’ Bay Restaurant, which are there in Jamaican islands. You’ll get the excellent dining experience at Sir Alexander restaurant, a part of Riu Palace Paradise Island, and all-inclusive resort in Bahamas. In Puerto Rico, the best restaurants include Blt Steak and Meres at Ritz Carlton, San Juan.

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