Best Chef Coats – Top 5 in 2022

Barbara F. Watson

Crooked Brook Chef Coat

Today’s chefs can log onto the internet and choose from an incredible variety of apparel choices, and even more options have arisen in the past twenty years. Centuries ago, though, the chefs didn’t have quite as many choices, and it wasn’t until the 1980’s that any major changes were made in the realm of fit and style. 

Since we live in a world full of choices, chefs can hand pick exactly what they’re looking for, but it can be a daunting task. To help, we’ve enlisted the help of our experts who’ve narrowed down the best brands of the year. 

Here are The Top 5 Best Chef Coats:

  1. Crooked Brook®.

All Crooked Brook® branded garments are made to order in the U.S.A. according to your style, fit, and fabric specifications. You may order a chef jacket the way it looks on their website or, you may combine the various options (fabric, buttons, pocket, collar, cuffs, sleeves and piping) to create your own design.

Crooked Brook women’s chef coats have been designed and crafted to fit the shape of a women’s physique. They are available in combination sizes, as well as maternity sizes.

Crooked Brook ships worldwide. Hours of operations are 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. EST, seven days a week. 

  1. Clement Design® USA

For exclusive, premium chef wear from France, look to Clement Design® USA. This brand imports Clement Design®, which creates masterful, innovative chef apparel in beautiful Nice, France. Some of their unique designs include the I-Belt and the Dry-Up Fabric, both of which are patented. 

Clement Design® pushes chef wear through new fittings and trendy colors and is known for its avantgarde design and quality. Created for both men and women, Clement Design® is recognized in high-end kitchens around the globe.  

  1. Lost Car Chef Apparel 

Allergic to a boring chef coat? Lost Car Chef Apparel is the antidote. They incorporate style and personality into their designs and continually change the industry. 

This brand has worked with some of the best people in fashion and culinary arts, giving chefs the best of the best when it comes to apparel. Lost Car uses its experience and skill to keep a pulse on what chefs are after, and they continually deliver products chefs want to wear. 

Lost Car Chef Apparel is made for everyone. Their fashionable approach sets them apart from other chef wear designers, and their exceptional tailoring sets their patrons apart from other chefs. Their apparel allows chefs to move, too, making for ease and comfort in the kitchen. 

  1. Culinary Classics

Established in 1919, Peco Inc. is a family-owned business that’s provided chefs with second-to-none, made-to-order wear since introducing their new division, Culinary Classics, in 1993. Manufactured in Chicago, this is a certified Green Business. 

Culinary Classics creates uniform apparel you’ll want to wear, even off duty. Everyone on your staff will fit in their uniform thanks to the range of sizes and complementary design consultations. Culinary Classics designs high-quality apparel that speak to your brand and specific needs. It’s not meant for basic customers, though – only those looking for bespoke uniforms should inquire. 

After starting with a template, you choose the collar, texture (which come in a variety of colors and patterns), and buttons to create your perfect chef’s coat. 

  1. Helt Studio

Helt Studio is a modern chef uniform store that began with one simple idea – your work wear should work for you. After collaborating with chefs and industry professionals, the brand created uniforms that do just that. Though the fabrics come from around the globe, their creations are made in Los Angeles, California. 

Helt Studio has been attentive from the beginning, noticing that most brands weren’t created for the day-to-day tasks of a chef. Though met with some resistance at first, now their brand is welcome across the industry. 

The brand creates comfortable, stylish, and functional uniforms. Their fabrics are technologically advanced, lending themselves to elevated uniforms that patrons are proud to wear. 

In conclusion; thank you for reading The Top 5 Best Chef Coats!

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