August 12, 2022


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A guide to the best food from gym of Muay Thai for healthy sport 

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Muay Thai training is one of the healthiest ways to achieve weight loss and fitness for people all around the world. However, this consistent training needs some support to help trainees achieve their health goals, and that support comes from healthy nutrition. 

The foods you eat and the nutrition they provide you go a long way to maintain that healthy body you desire, just as the wrong foods can hinder your progress during training. 

As a Muay Thai trainee or fighter, you need to understand the best foods to eat daily, restaurants around your gym where you can eat, and the healthier alternatives to most of the meals you’re eating. 

Best Foods to eat for Muay Thai training in Thailand 

The standard healthy meal of a Muay Thai fighter should include healthy vegetables, little meat, and lots of fruits. It is also essential to consume lots of water throughout the day, instead of soda or energy drinks. 

A healthy Muay Thai breakfast is made up of rice, vegetables, and a small quantity of steamed or grilled meat. 

For lunch, you can have fried boat noodles alongside meats like pork, beef, or chicken. This dish is great post-workout and is rich in protein and carbs, but not too many carbs to throw you off. 

Brown Rice, Basil, and Roast Chicken Breast is also the perfect meal to eat at the end of your daily workout. It contains lean protein, clean carbs, and is often served with steamed vegetables. 

Fruits, juices, and protein shake without added sugar are great to be taken at any time of the day because they supply the healthy nutrients and energy you need without sugar spikes. 

Healthy proteins like beans, fish, and nuts are the best proteins to fill up on. You can also eat pork and beef, as they are fairly healthy options. 

Worst foods to avoid when training in Thailand 

As with other forms of physical training, wrong eating habits can frustrate your progress and hurt your health. Without the right guidance, you might eat some common foods in Thailand that work against weight loss and good health.  

Deep-fried foods must be avoided, no matter how attractive and delicious they might seem because they will make you gain weight. You also need to avoid Pad Thai, because it contains excess fat, added sugar, and unhealthy carbs. 

You might also be tempted to try Cha-Yen, but don’t take it because it has too much sugar in it. 

Generally, sugary drinks and food are unhealthy for you. Many coconut drinks also fall in this category. 


Where to find the best restaurants around your Muay Thai gym 

Most gyms have a lot of restaurants and food stalls around them, so you can stop by and patronize them. If you plan on cooking your meals, you can visit supermarkets or the morning and afternoon markets and find local, healthy foods and foodstuff. 

Whatever you choose to do, pay attention to maintaining a healthy diet and eat only the right food for your health. Muay Thai is a healthy sport, and successful Muay Thai training is achievable when paired with healthy nutrition. Suwitmuaythai of noble brand is a simple Thai restaurant near Muay Thai gym to service healthy food for customer.  


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