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As a published cookbook author, I’ve purchased, gifted, and received a slew of baking items. And I’m happy to recommend my absolute favorites to fellow home bakers. This baking gifts page is a great place to start if you’re shopping for a baker, creating a registry, or simply adding items to your wish list!

graphic displaying different gift ideas for a baker including a cookie tin, cake wall art, baking mug, and oven mitt.

Baking Gift Ideas

Even if it’s not the holiday season, gifting something thoughtful to another baker is a wonderful way to spread (delicious!) joy. Plus, there’s always a birthday, anniversary, and other life events such as a wedding, shower, new home, or family visit around the corner. My team and I curated a list with 100+ gift ideas for the baker in your life… or if you’re doing some personal shopping. 🙂

All of these baking gifts are items I own or are products I see with wonderful reviews. None of this is sponsored– truly just items I love! Some of these links are affiliate links.

Baking Gifts from Small Business/Individual Shops

So many unique and even personalized baking gifts in this list!

  1. Family Favorite Recipes Binder – Keep your family’s favorite handwritten and printed recipes in this lovely (and practical!) binder.
  2. Baking Notebook – I use notebooks to jot down all of my results when baking recipes. Great way to remember all the info as you work on a recipe!
  3. Recipe Card Tea Towel – Turn your beloved handwritten family recipe into a tea towel.
  4. Personalized Notecards – These are simply adorable (so is this greeting card!) with so many colors to choose from.
  5. I’m a Whisk Taker Mug – Gift it with homemade vanilla sugar for morning coffee!
  6. Personalized Cookie Tins – A beautiful way to store or transport homemade goodies. I love these “from the kitchen of” tags, too.
  7. Personalized Serving Platter – Would be a perfect wedding gift as well.
  8. Happiness is Homemade Wooden Sign – A sweet addition to the kitchen or home.
  9. Pieces of Cake Wall Art – Brighten up a kitchen wall with this fun art.
  10. Life is What You Bake It Print – I have several prints from this Etsy shop. So much beautiful artwork.
  11. Chocolate Chip Cookie Candle – Home smells like cookies even when you’re not baking!
  12. Sunflower Stand Mixer Decals – Add a little pizzazz to a stand mixer! These cherry decals and donut decals are also fun.
  13. Cookie Lady Shirt – My favorite! So is this “I can’t, I have cookies to bake” shirt. And I love this Baking Heart Shirt too. All very comfortable.
sally wearing cookie shirt

Thoughtful Baking Gifts & Sets

We threw together some various items that, together, make a thoughtful and complete set!

  1. Cookie Baking Set – Start with these baking sheets— a staple in my kitchen. They’re durable, don’t warp, and cool quickly. Pair with parchment paper sheets or a baking mat, cookie scoops, and a cooling rack for a complete gift. (I love using this lasagna turner as a cookie spatula, too!)
  2. Cake Decorating Set – Start with the best round cake pans, either these 9-inch cake pans or these 8-inch cake pans. Add a cake turntable (because cake decorating is so much easier with a turntable!), this scraper for smoothing icing, this icing comb for textured icing, and/or these icing spatulas.
  3. 55 Piece Decorating Tips Set – Start with this Wilton decorating tip kit. For cupcake decorating, I use the star tips or tip 352 for piping leaves & petals like these sunflower cupcakes. For sugar cookie decorating, I use round tips 1 – 5. I also highly recommend Wilton 1M, which is not included in the set but it’s the most common for decorating cupcakes. To complete this entire gift, add piping bags (reusable or disposable) and a monogrammed spatula too.
  4. 12 Piece Piping Tips Set – This piping tips set includes some of the most common decorating tips (including Wilton 1M) for cakes and cupcakes, plus it includes piping bags. Add a turquoise cake stand to complete the gift. (Comes in a couple other colors too!)
  5. Food Coloring Set – Pair any decorating supplies with this Americolor gel paste kit. I love the quality of Americolor gel food coloring, plus the colors are vibrant and beautiful.
  6. Pie Baking Set – Start with a quality pie dish (it’s my go-to, favorite one). Complete the gift with a pastry cutter, pie weights, pastry brush, and a pie crust shield.
  7. Baking Pan Set – Second to baking sheets, a 9×13 inch pan is the most common and practical pan to own because it’s useful for sheet cakes, bars, brownies, and more. Add a loaf pan, springform pan, and 9×9 inch pan to complete the set.
  8. Cake Decorating Supplies Set – I don’t own this, but it seems to have everything included! What a wonderful gift for beginner cake decorators.

General Baking Supplies

This section includes standard baking tools that my team and I own and highly recommend. If you’re shopping for a beginner baker or are looking to stock your kitchen with high-rated baking supplies, start here.

  1. Stand Mixer – A classic gift for any baker! The Matte Blue Velvet is a newer shade and absolutely gorgeous in person.
  2. KitchenAid Hand Mixer – I typically reach for this mixer over my stand mixer for quick recipes or when I’m in a rush (unless I’m making something that truly necessitates the power of a stand mixer). 5 speeds is perfect– I don’t think more speed options is particularly necessary.
  3. Glass Mixing Bowls – A staple in my kitchen. I switch between glass mixing bowls and these OXO stainless steel bowls.
  4. Rainbow Colored Bowls – I own and LOVE these. They conveniently come with lids!
  5. Cookie Scoops – Purchase all 3 sizes. I use the small for small cookies, truffles, and as a melon baller. I use the medium for cookies and the large is wonderful for large cookies, ice cream, and shaping meatballs.
  6. Measuring Cups and Spoons – This magnetic set keeps everything together– no missing cups or spoons.
  7. Food Processor – I love that there are 2 conveniently sized containers for processing. I use mine for nuts, pesto, sauces, graham cracker crusts, and more.
  8. Kitchen Scale – This is by far the most important tool in my kitchen. Precision is everything and that slight mis-measure could spell baking disaster. I also recommend an oven thermometer for accuracy.
  9. Flour & Sugar Storage Containers – I highly recommend these. They snap shut so ingredients stay fresh. I own 6 for various flours and sugars.
  10. Fun Spatulas – Spatulas are a fun add-on to any baking related gift. These colorful mini spatulas are adorable!
  11. Nonstick Kitchen Utensils – Great quality and easy to hold/handle.
  12. Adjustable Rolling Pin – The adjustable discs make it easy to roll any thickness– no more uneven dough.
  13. Oven Mitt – I own and love the navy, pink, and sage green.
  14. Mini Whisks Set – Great for smaller bowls or even little helpers’ hands.

Specialty Baking Supplies

Here’s a list of recommended baking pans and accessories beyond the basics… fun ones that a baker may not own yet!

  1. Donut Pan – I also love this heart shaped donut pan and mini donut pan.
  2. A Classic Bundt Pan – Nordic Ware is classic quality! And this Bundt pan comes with a Bundt cake keeper for storing your leftover cake.
  3. Bundtlette/Mini Bundt Pan – Just something fun a baker may not already have. (Tip: Generously grease them so cakes come out nicely!)
  4. Beautiful Casserole Dish – I have a few items from this line and the color is stunning!
  5. Le Creuset Dutch Oven – A splurge! Great for no knead breads, soups, stews, and more.
  6. A Year of Cookie Cutters – This cookie cutter set is perfect for all seasons.
  7. Cookie Stamps – These are such a wonderful alternative to cookie cutters and come in such a variety of different patterns like these geometric cookie stamps and greetings cookie stamps.
  8. Mini Loaf Pan – You can turn any quick bread recipe into mini loaves when using this pan. Simply reduce the baking time from your favorite quick bread recipe, like banana bread or zucchini bread.
  9. 9-Inch Tart Pan for tarts. I love this one because it’s quality for the price and has a removable bottom, convenient for easy cutting and serving.
  10. 6-Count Jumbo Muffin Pan (be sure to select “jumbo”) – You can take any regular muffin recipe and bake them in a larger size by increasing the baking time to about 25–28 minutes. Try my jumbo raspberry chocolate chip muffins recipe!

Here is my Full List of Recommended Baking Pans.

Carriers & Cake Stands

Transporting and displaying your baked goods isn’t always at the top of the mind, so these accessories are majorly helpful to have on hand!

  1. Cupcake Carrier – Great for cupcakes but also for cookies! I also own and love this cupcake carrier too.
  2. Cake Carrier – I like to place decorated cakes and cupcakes in these carriers and store them in the refrigerator to keep fresh.
  3. Bakery Boxes – I’ve tried many brands and keep coming back to these for when I’m gifting my baked goods to others, especially around the holidays.
  4. Farmhouse Style Tiered Dessert Tray – Own and love this. I often put my produce on it and have it displayed on the counter as a “fruit basket” of sorts. Always receives compliments!
  5. Wood & Marble Cake Stand – I use this cake stand most! It’s simple yet elegant and heavy duty.
  6. Glass Covered Cake Stand – Always nice to have a lid over your baked goods when storing/transporting.
  7. Wood Serving Boards – I own all 3 sizes and use them for cakes, cupcakes, muffins, charcuterie, fruit, and more. They’re beautiful in person.

Fun Extras & Accessories

Spread sweetness with baking gifts like a tablet stand, games, aprons, and more!

  1. Marble Cookbook & Tablet Stand – A welcome addition to any kitchen.
  2. Wood Cookbook Stand with Shield – To protect your cookbook from splatters and messes!
  3. Life is Sweet Puzzle – A fun activity for the entire family.
  4. Hasty Baker Game – Have fun collecting ingredient cards and finishing your recipe first in this family-friendly game.
  5. Baking Over Cooking Framed Art – Would certainly spruce up an empty wall in your home.
  6. Quality Apron in Many Colors – I have the spruce color. I have a lot of aprons and this is a high quality, durable apron for a fraction of the price of some overly fancy aprons.
  7. Floral Apron – My favorite! And you can pair with the matching oven mitt. (I find the oven mitt a little stiff and you really need to break it in.)
  8. Cupcake Earrings – Because, of course. And here are strawberry earrings too!

Baking Gifts For Young Bakers

These ideas are wonderful for aspiring young bakers! We have and love many from this list.

  1. Young + Wild and Friedman Play Dough Baking Kit – A baking themed sensory activity for kids of all ages.
  2. Milk & Cookies Pajama Set – Little bakers will love these soft and cozy pajamas!
  3. Personalized Kids Apron – Such a special gift for real kitchen help or play kitchen fun.
  4. Matching Baking Aprons – Adorable yet functional matching aprons for you and your assistant baker! And these dog and cat aprons are adorable.
  5. Ice Cream Sidewalk Chalk – We had a lot of fun with this set!
  6. Intro to Baking Set – Tools for young bakers made for real kitchen use. Gift with The Complete Baking Book for Young Chefs by America’s Test Kitchen.
  7. Play Cupcake Set – My daughters have this and LOVE it. It’s complete with toy baking utensils and cloth cupcakes. We love these Green Toys cupcakes too! This imaginary play baking bundle includes a cute apron.
  8. Melissa & Doug Slice and Bake Cookie Set – For little ones who already enjoy spending time in the kitchen (try this make a cake mixer set, too!).
  9. Play Kitchen – Let imaginations soar in this play kitchen.
  10. Play Oven – We have and love this. It’s smaller than most play kitchens, which is great if you don’t have a lot of space.
  11. Cookie Board Book and Stir Crack Whisk Bake by America’s Test Kitchen.


  1. American Cake by Ann Byrn. Ann shares the history, stories, and recipes behind more than 125 well-loved cakes including gingerbread, classic layer cake, king cake, pound cake, and more. Recipes span 1650 to today– I was introduced to several new-to-me recipes that I’m excited to try!
  2. Baker Bettie’s Better Baking Book by Kristin Hoffman. This cookbook is a goldmine if you enjoy learning about the science of baking and kitchen creativity because Kristin shows us dozens of her Master Recipes and how to make them with endless flavor variations. I also authored the foreword of this book!
  3. Black Girl Baking by Jerelle Guy. I find myself reaching for this gorgeous cookbook often! The wild blueberry drop biscuits are my favorite.
  4. Cookies – The New Classics baking book by Jesse Szewczyk. Chock full of new takes on classic cookie recipes.
  5. Cook’s Illustrated Baking Book by America’s Test Kitchen. I’ve learned so much from this cookbook. It’s my favorite and what I recommend to anyone who wants to begin developing recipes!
  6. Easy Culinary Science for Better Cooking by Jessica Gavin. I have and LOVE this cookbook! Just as she does on her blog, Jessica breaks down the science of cooking in a practical way so you can have a better understanding of how recipes work.
  7. Even Better Brownies by Mike Johnson. Mike is a fellow blogger and his recipes are always a hit. Try his cake for two if you ever need something smaller!
  8. Hello, Cookie Dough by Kristen Tomlan. My dear friend wrote a fun cookbook all about edible cookie dough. My daughters love looking at all the pictures. This is a fun cookbook for all ages!
  9. Life Is What You Bake It by Vallery Lomas. 100 recipes from the winner of the 3rd season of The Great American Baking Show! I just ordered it and can’t wait to try some of Vallery’s recipes.
  10. Mooncakes and Milk Bread by Kristina Cho. Kristina breaks seemingly complicated recipes into manageable steps. She’s a Bay-area blogger and I love how she weaves her family’s personal history into the pages of this book– it’s more than a cookbook!
  11. New World Sourdough cookbook by Bryan Ford. A bread baker must-have.
  12. Snacking Cakes by Yossy Arefi. No fuss cakes with simple ingredients!
  13. The Book on Pie by Erin McDowell. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to make the best pies from scratch, start here. It’s a masterpiece!
  14. The New Way To Cake by Benjamina Ebuehi. Stunning photography and very clear instructions. I’ve loved this cookbook.
  15. Weeknight Baking by Michelle Lopez. One of my favorites for practical baking recipes.
  16. Zoë Bakes Cakes by Zoë François. A lovely cookbook featuring layers, loafs, Bundts, and more. She’s one of the most knowledgeable bakers I know and this cookbook all about cakes is approachable with delicious recipes!

My Cookbooks!

  1. Sally’s Baking Addiction
  2. Sally’s Candy Addiction
  3. Sally’s Cookie Addiction
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